Location: Georgetown, KY
Start Date: As soon as available
Hours: Full-time weekday position; some evenings or weekends may be necessary with advance notice

Provisions LLC, in partnership with Elmwood Stock Farm, is seeking a talented and creative chef who shares our vision for making nourishing, farm-fresh, organic food accessible and convenient.

This managing chef role closely resembles the Chef de Cuisine in a traditional kitchen (we just wouldn’t describe ourselves as traditional), including both food preparation and management responsibilities in close coordination with our business leadership team. Chef will plan, prepare, and oversee the on-time fulfillment of pre-ordered family-style school lunches and snacks, partially prepared family meal kits, and fully prepared take-home meals. Our commitment to careful sourcing of organic ingredients is absolute, so our chef will be expected to work closely with Elmwood and other organic producers to ensure our food is good for families, good for the farm, and good for our community. As the leader of our culinary team, the candidate we’re looking for will hear our vision, share our excitement for making it a reality, and know exactly how to get to work making it happen.

The Job

  • Develop menus and recipes highlighting seasonally available organic produce and meat from Elmwood Stock Farm and other organic producers

  • Develop additional wholesome, kid-friendly menus and recipes that meet USDA nutrition standards for school meals

  • Prepare delicious food every weekday for delivery to local schools, businesses, and homes

  • Oversee the packing and on-time distribution of daily school lunches and snacks

  • Oversee the preparation, packing, and on-time distribution of take-home meals and meal kits

  • With support from business leadership team, purchase organic ingredients, aiming to procure items from Elmwood or other Kentucky-based organic producers whenever possible

  • Maintain a commercial kitchen that meets KY Department of Health certification standards

  • Prepare and organize order sheets, labels, and delivery details

  • Track inventory and anticipate procurement needs to meet delivery requirements and customer expectations

  • With support from business leadership team, oversee budgeting and monitoring of food and kitchen labor costs

  • Extend excellent customer service to all customers in all interactions

  • Additional tasks as the business grows, including supervising employees

Our Ideal Candidate

  • Positive attitude and a desire to meet high expectations

  • A passion for cooking exciting, great-tasting, nutritionally balanced food

  • Appreciation of maintaining organic integrity in school lunches and prepared meals/meal kits for families

  • Excellent organizational skills and demonstrated ability to create new processes for efficient task management

  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced start-up environment and adapt to change when conditions require it

  • Strong culinary experience, including in catering or a role that demonstrates ability to deliver high-quality food at volume

  • Experience with farm-to-table, organic, or sustainable dining

  • Willingness and ability to prepare food without additives, excess sugar, and if necessary, potential allergens or ingredients related to particular food sensitivities

  • Ability to creatively design menus and recipes that appeal to children without compromising quality of ingredients or organic standards

  • Ability to self-start and work without immediate supervision

  • Appreciation for quality and recognition of details that determine it

  • Excellent English-language communication skills, written and verbal

  • Valid driver’s license

  • Basic to intermediate computer skills, including word processing, understanding spreadsheets, and the ability to learn and use a customized food ordering software program

  • Holds or able to obtain a Kentucky Kitchen Manager certification

  • Become knowledgeable about Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), USDA Organic Certification, and USDA School Lunch Nutritional Standards

Provisions LLC is a locally owned small business established to make nourishing, farm-fresh, organic meals accessible and convenient for busy families. Provisions offers family style meals for schools and offers online ordering of prepared take-home meals and semi-prepared meal kits.

Elmwood Stock Farm LLC is a family-owned farming business located near Georgetown, Kentucky and has been growing food for the community in central Kentucky for over 25 years. The farm produces a wide assortment of USDA-certified organic vegetables, grass-fed and -finished beef and lamb, pasture-raised pigs, chickens, and heritage breed turkeys.

Questions? careers@provisionseats.com